Open competition: Domain asset development

WebEtc is looking to contract developers who aspire to take their skills to the next level.

We are releasing a number of premium domain assets for concept design. We have drafted our conceptual approach for each domain name; however, we would like the developers to browse through the domain asset list and submit their own proposed business and content development strategy.

General directions:

Our analysis, for the majority of the domains, points towards social websites with a mixture of characteristics including, but not limited to:

• Member interactions: Easy enrollment (e.g. “facebook login”) / recommender/invite process, “contacts” identification and grouping, innovative interaction modes (rating/ voting/ promoting/ competing/ rewarding), fundamental member interest/goal identification and fulfillment, content sharing, fluid/ user customizable interface. Group and individual interaction pathways. geo-tagging. Mobile app integration.

• Self-sustainability: WebSite monetization routes beyond AdSense, subscription fees and affiliated Ad Networks.